Extra credit dating app

Andrew Cooper

Professor Christopher Lynn

Ant 208

8 April 2014

Dating App Extra Credit


  • Used my real name and information
  • Got a lot of matches at first but only a sliver of these matches actually contacted me
  • A few of the people that did contact me were way too straight forward and clearly just wanted to hookup to the point where it was kind of gross and creepy
  • Had some very nice individuals contact me that even offered to take me out (considering they were women and this usually does not happen the first date)


Questions-   Is a dating app such as tinder more efficient since it allows users to narrow down the certain characteristics in the other people that they desire?



  • Just like tinder I used my actual information and name.
  • Did not get as many matches as tinder but I also feel this is because grinder is less college student affiliated.
  • Had a few people contact me.
  • Less people were as straight forward to just hookup as compared to tinder
  • Seemed like more sophisticated individuals as opposed to sex addicts.


Questions-    Have people in a way given up on trying to find people that can match with them through personal contact as opposed to dating websites and apps such as these?

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