Sweaty T-Shirts

For this exercise, males in the class were instructed to wear a new T-Shirt provided by the instructor for up to 3 days. Males were instructed to not wear colognes or deodorants while wearing the T-Shirt, and to exercise while wearing it in order to get his natural scent into the fibers. Then, the males were instructed to measure the ratio of their 2d4d phalanges.

Females were instructed to come into the HBERG research lab and smell each of the shirts worn by the men, which are now in plastic ziplock bags to preserve “freshness.” Females sniffed the shirts and ranked them on a scale from 1 to 5 where 1= Good, 3=Neutral, and 4=Bad.  Then they were instructed to take a test online and provide their method of birth control as well as which week of their cycle they are on.



The mean age of males was 20.7, the mean GPA was 3.5, and the mean symmetry was .71.

N=14 (7 males, 7 females).

Given the substantially small sample size, statistical tests are difficult to perform. Correlations between male’s GPA, AGE, SMELL RATING and DIGIT RATIO were not significant.
ANOVAs performed with Birth Control and Cycle Week as predictors and Smell Rating were also not significant.


These results are probably due to the extremely small sample size.



Queer Activity: Juliann

Yesterday I told my best friend that I was queer. She looked at me and said “is this supposed to surprise me? you talk about how gorgeous girls are and how you would ‘totally be lesbian with them’ reguarly.” I giggled, but just let her keep talking. She continued by asking me questions about my sexuality. I told her it was fluid and something that I believed would change throughout my life. I said I was excited by the idea of exploring my sexuality and wasn’t going to try and define it. She simply said “that’s awesome, I wish I was confident enough to be who I wanted to be without caring about other’s opinions.” I then told a coworker the same thing, and she almost fell out of her chair! She was very confused and asked me repeatedly what I meant. I told her I was a 2 on the Kinsey scale (predominately heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual – which is the truth). After I said this, she slid her chair back several inches. She definitely judged me for my sexual orientation. It was an interesting experience. I can only imagine the hostility and confusion people feel when they ‘come out of the closet’. This barely gave me a glimpse into their struggle. I am impressed with all of those who are strong enough to do that.

Queer Activity

Students in the Sprin 2014 ANT:208 Anthropology of Sex class at The University of Alabama were tasked with a rather unusual and provocative social experiment as extra credit in the class: tell a close friend or family member that you are queer! What many people are not aware of, is that the LGBT community has re appropriated the term to basically say ” My sexuality cannot be placed in a box on a census form.” So, the word “queer” is slowly becoming to mean something other than “gay,” but rather closer to its original term suggesting something different. By this definition, those who identify as straight, gay, lesbian, or transgender can all mutually identify as “queer.” It is acknowledging that sexuality is a spectrum and that one’s sexuality can slide along this spectrum throughout one’s life.

Students were tasked to tell someone close to them “I am queer” and to refrain from saying “this was just a part of a class experiment, I am not actually queer” for at least five minutes. This means that he or she has to endure and field any questions, accusations, or “Son/daughter, we’ve known” in order to educate the person with whom they are speaking. Selected students’ experiences will appear in subsequent posts.

Extra credit dating app

Andrew Cooper

Professor Christopher Lynn

Ant 208

8 April 2014

Dating App Extra Credit


  • Used my real name and information
  • Got a lot of matches at first but only a sliver of these matches actually contacted me
  • A few of the people that did contact me were way too straight forward and clearly just wanted to hookup to the point where it was kind of gross and creepy
  • Had some very nice individuals contact me that even offered to take me out (considering they were women and this usually does not happen the first date)


Questions-   Is a dating app such as tinder more efficient since it allows users to narrow down the certain characteristics in the other people that they desire?



  • Just like tinder I used my actual information and name.
  • Did not get as many matches as tinder but I also feel this is because grinder is less college student affiliated.
  • Had a few people contact me.
  • Less people were as straight forward to just hookup as compared to tinder
  • Seemed like more sophisticated individuals as opposed to sex addicts.


Questions-    Have people in a way given up on trying to find people that can match with them through personal contact as opposed to dating websites and apps such as these?