Sexology-oriented activity: Reale

I attend the “All Bodies Have Voices” panel discussion and was presently surprised by the experience I had there.  The panelists each brought their own topic of discussion, views, and opinions which help to add depth to the conversation. Wanda Burton the peer education programs coordinator for the women’s resource center talked a great deal about the legal aspects of consent as well as gave us all a better understand on how and when we should ask for consent.  Mrs. Burton and another panelist Cory Harrison have caused be a rethink how information about sexual assault is delivered. They brought to my attention the way we have a culture that is victim center in the way we always talk about how to avoid getting rape, when in reality to should be educating people on how not to rape people as a way to prevent the act of happening in the first place.  The highlight of the discussion was the analogy given by Amelia Brock a member of the students that put the project together.  She related talking about sex and consent to cake, in the way that you always get birthday cake on your birthday and you will keep getting the same cake whether you like it or not if you don’t voice your opinion about it, or that you can’t assume that some likes the cake today just because they liked it once before.  This analogy just help to reinforce the fact that consent is not a onetime thing , but rather a fixture of a healthy relationship as it serves as a way to make sure all parties feel safe and cared for in the relationship.

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