“I’m queer”: Heather

For this activity I decided I wanted to tell my best friend that I was queer. I hadn’t seen her all semester and we were getting together to catch up, so I figured she was the best person I could tell since we hadn’t really talked about what this class and a person can change a lot in a semester. We spent most of the afternoon together but I was waiting for just the right time to spring it on her. We decided to go to dinner and I thought that would be a god time. We had just gotten our table and were talking about plans for the summer when I told her I was queer. She stopped in the middle of her sentence, asking me how and if my boyfriend knew about it. When I asked her if she understood what queer was, she told me that she thought queer meant gay. That’s when I explained to her that queer did not mean gay any more, the gay community took the word back and turned it into something positive. It actually meant that I didn’t want to be placed into a box regarding my sexuality. That today I might be heterosexual but in the future I might bisexual or a lesbian but I want the chance to choose freely and without judgment. When I finished explaining it to her, she thought about it and stating that she liked the idea professed that she was queer too. I never did mention that my being queer was for a class assignment and I don’t think I’m going to.

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