“I’m queer”: Andreas

I chose to perform the queer experiment on my best friend and a male friend that I use to date. Out of the two, best friend had the most interesting response. Initially she began to act confused and shocked, and asked what I meant by statement. I avoided giving off any allusions to the word’s meaning, and simply told her that I sincerely meant that I was queer. Her response after this was to ask me if I knew her middle name. At first I was confused, and responded to her with her middle name. She told that she needed to know if I knew this information to make sure that my phone had not been hacked, and then asked me if I was making a confession about my sexuality. When I told my male friend that I was queer, he asked me to elaborate, and then immediately asked me if I was gay. Both friends believed that by stating that I was queer meant that I was a homosexual.

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