“I’m queer”: Reale

I told my grandma that I was queer. The reaction I got was not what I expected at all. However in hindsight I understand her reaction. When I told her I was queer she merely laughed and said that she already know that about me. So went on to say that all of her grandchildren were at least a little bit queer , and that she herself had queer things about her. She said that the world is full of queer people and that is what helps to make the world around us so interesting. That there really is no such thing as normal and that we should all imbrace our queerness. While all this is going on I realized that the cultural differences on how the word queer is used today verses when my grandmother was growing up give if very different meanings.  So she didn’t think I was coming out, but rather coming to terms with the fact that I am a little bit weird.  Since we were not suppose to say “but I am not gay” after telling the person we picked. My grandmother and I continued to have a conversation about just how “queer” the world around us is.


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