“I’m queer”: Danyon

This past weekend I told my mom I was queer and the reaction was somewhat surprising, but not much. First, she asked me what the term “queer” even meant, noting that she had heard of it, but never really got a logical understanding of it. I gave her a few examples of what people associate queer with, including odd, weird, and added in gay. The word gay was all it took. She went into a little frenzy, asking me if I was really gay. I go on to tell her that I never said that I was gay, but that was what other people tend to associate the term with. She then goes on to state “Well, I know you’re not telling me you are weird, so what else do you want me to think? What made you turn gay?” I go on to tell her that she did exactly what most people do in situations like that and assume gay from the jump. I also tell her at the same time that it’s nothing wrong with being queer, especially if you are using the term in it’s correct meaning, which is not being gay, that’s only what it has evolved to. Finally after about talking for 20 minutes, I tell her that I’m not gay and It was for class. She says “Thank God because I didn’t know how to tell your dad.”

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