“I’m queer”: Boba Fett

Queer activity

For this activity, I told my boyfriend that I was queer.

He gave me a compliment about my body; I gave him one too, and then he said jokingly: Him: “Yours is better”

Me: “I don’t think so”

Him: “Of course! You’re not a lesbian”

When he said that, I remembered about the activity and thought this was the perfect opportunity to do it.

Me: “I’m queer”

Awkward moment of silence

Him: “What?….I don’t believe that”

Me: “Why not?”

Him: “Because then you wouldn’t say no when I ask you if you want to have a threesome”

We were talking about this for a while, I told him that being queer does not necessarily mean that I am homosexual, that for me being queer is being anywhere in between of completely heterosexual and completely homosexual.

Saying I was queer definitely created conversation. When I said it, he immediately wanted me to explain what I meant, even though he thought that queer was the same as homosexual.

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