Sweaty T-Shirt Experiment: Reale

Doing the t-shirt activity was very interesting because before going in I was unsure of what to expect. First I thought the t-shirts would smell awful, but in reality they were not that bad. While I was in the lab smelling them I felt that same consciences from the other girls in the room that the shirts didn’t smell that bad.  Also I thought the survey was interesting in the way that it asked questions about where we were in our menstrual cycle as well as what if any form of birth control we used.  I didn’t see these questions as being important at the time of the survey, however after the activity was over and the data was presented I found it very interesting. I was able to see that where in your cycle you were played somewhat of a role in how you rated the smell of the t-shirts. I didn’t think it would I thought the type of birth control you are on would be more important because the different hormones being released could cause your body to have a different response. After doing this activity I differently find it something that is very interesting that I would like to look more into and gain more knowledge about.

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