Reale’s Reaction to the Disgust Study

While doing this activity I was very confused, and I believe many other students were as well. In the first part looking at the pictures of furniture and then at the faces of people and grading their attractiveness caused me to have some mixed emotions. I was thrown off by the furniture because I could not figure out what it had to do with how attractive the people were if anything at all. Then I felt bad judging the appearances of people I didn’t know because the pictures of them were not very flattering. None of them were smiling or even looked remotely thrilled. This is probably what led to my low scoring of each of them.  When we did the second part of the activity I was even more bothered, since we had to view so many disgusting images. After seeing the images I tried to give people similar score as I did the time before, but I am sure I scored them all lower because I was still stuck envisioning the images of disgust. This is my personal observation on this activity.

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