Sweaty T-Shirt Experiment: Lane

The Sweaty T-Shirt activity was strange at first. I wondered why I had to basically sweat before I went to bed and wear an uncomfortable t-shirt. The jumping jacks did not have a huge strain on my nightly regiment, but did make me uncomfortable right before bed. Measuring my hands was strange. I thought they were testing the stereotype about having big hands and feet to male genital size somehow. When I came to realize that males have a special odor that we excrete that is sometimes pleasant to females, I understood the project a little better. The correlation between male symmetry and attractiveness was what the measurements were for. When the women smelled the shirts, their biology tells them that the males with the more symmetry are more attractive. This of course is dependent on their place in the menstrual cycles. If they were ovulating, their bodies would tell them to try and find a mate to reproduce with. What is interesting is that if a correlation between pleasurable male smells and their respective symmetry is found, then there is a proven biology to symmetry and male smell. All that could mean that the scents of males are formed after the body is formed which could still be in the womb or during puberty. The opportunities to look into the biology of sex are endless.

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