Sweaty T-Shirt Experiment: Jessica

The smelly t-shirt activity was interesting. I had missed class the day instructions were given so all I knew was to go to the arch lab. I show up and about 16 shirts are laid out for me in bags, spread out across a big lab table. I am asked to stick my nose in each one and take a whiff. Obviously, knowing the hygienic habits of most of my male counterparts, I cringed at the thought. The shirts didn’t smell quite as awful as I thought they would. Well, a few did, but for the most part I couldn’t smell much. Maybe my nose sucks, or maybe half of them had no smell. Some smelled like soap to me, but then others smelled like rancid gym socks. A couple shirts stood out to me, as they didn’t smell like soap and they didn’t smell disgusting. They smelled like man—oddly similar to ex-boyfriend’s shirts I used to love to wear. This activity was interesting in many ways. I almost want to sign up for a dating website that uses this as a match-up guide and see who I get stuck with!

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