Sweaty T-Shirt Experiment: Danny

The Sweaty T-shirt Experiment was conducted to find correlations between male body odors in regards to body symmetry and the effects varying female hormone levels have on the male odor (positive, negative, or neutral). As part of the male component of the study, we were asked to wear a pre-bought T-shirt and measure the length of our fingers (body symmetry factor).  We were required to sleep in the T-shirt for at least two nights—a total of 12 hours—and only shower 1 hour before we put it on.  While wearing the shirt we could not: drink, smoke, wear cologne, body spray, deodorant/antiperspirant, eat “smelly” foods, or have intercourse. Additionally we were asked to exercise a little, helping some of our scent stay on the shirt. Once finished, we put the shirt in a plastic bag and returned back for the second part of the experiment for the female participants.

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