Sexology-oriented activity: Leia

The Baptist church and my parents formed my childhood conception of sexuality.  I was taught from a very early age that sex was meant for marriage and that any kind of sexuality outside of marriage was extremely taboo.  My Sunday school teachers taught us about sex by comparing girls to a cup. By having sex, you would become a used and dirty cup, and no man would ever want a used dirty cup when he can have a new clean one.  My view of sexuality was transformed when I was exposed to other views about sexuality. A friend of mine who was having sex in high school explained to me that not having sex before marriage was an ancient concept much like many of the concepts in the Bible. My view of sexuality was also change when I did a foreign exchange in Germany my senior year of high school. My friends and I were asking our German friends about different German words, and when we asked them what the German word for slut was they told us that there is no such word in German. I came to the realization that sex outside of marriage is normal.

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