Sexology-oriented activity: Lane

Realizing that my sexuality was prevalent in my daily life started with some of my friends talking about Playboy in 5th grade. We were all sitting at lunch and some friends were talking about their dad’s Playboy magazine they found and the pictures that were inside of it. I had never thought of a woman in the ways that they were describing her, naked. To me at that point, a girlfriend was making my friends who were girls happy when their friends told me that a girl in my class liked me. It was not until I went on the computer and searched “Playboy” that I really was thrown into the world I know now. I looked at the pictures online and I tried to understand why it was so appeasing but my friends and I could not figure it out. My parents got involved when our search history on the family computer read “Playboy Magazine”, and they felt like they needed to give me a talk. I was so confused that I put the whole subject to the back of my mind until I ended up started to have feelings for girls. The moment that my parents had that talk with me was that big moment that I knew there was something more to girls other than what I knew from my mother and my sister. It did not help that I got into rap music at this time and learned new words that were said and researched them. That was the beginning to my new adulthood sexual chapter of my life.

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