Sexology-oriented activity: Danny

My childhood memories and thoughts when it comes to my sexual transition from childhood through puberty are quite vague, but I do remember a few things that did bring a change. One happened to be during early middle school, when I overheard some guys talking about themselves masturbating and ejaculating. I was not use to hearing anything sexual related talked about in pubic for one thing (or in private and personal conversation for that matter), but this also made me think about my own sexual awareness of my body and opened the idea of masturbation. Physiologically, I had not really hit the same stage as some of my school peers around me. It was not until I hit that puberty stage and also accidently found the adult movie channel that my sexual awareness kind of shifted. Basically, that was when I thought about what sex “was” (was being defined only by what that adult movie framed at the time) more so than the naïve thoughts I had before (I just didn’t really think critically about sex). As far as I remember, it was the cultural influence of peers (overhearing, I never talked about it) and discovering certain media influences (T.V and internet porn) that help spurred a transition, I guess.

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