Lane’s Reaction to the Disgust Study

In the Disgust Study, we took a look at pictures of different objects then looked and rated the attractiveness of people on slides. For me, I did not find any of the people truly attractive. I feel like it was the fact my prescription for Adderall was just kicking in and that makes me a bit grumpy. Another reason is I am naturally a slow wake upper, meaning I am slow to wake up fully and process information in front of me. The pictures of furniture made my mood a little bit easier because I could think about going back to bed. When the images of the diseases came up, I was initially shocked and disgusted. My immediate thoughts were of my father, who is a doctor, and if he has to look and treat these deformation’s in his profession. The pictures immediately changed my mood and made the people look 10 times worse. Each person had no chance of being attractive in my mind. I had already seen them and not found that they are nice to look at and after the second slideshow, I had become very disgusted. The results of other people were most likely similar because it seems normal to look at a person differently after seeing gross things that were on a different person’s body.

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