Sexology-oriented activity: Luke

Growing up, the topic of sex was never uncomfortable. I was fortunate enough to have an open family who were all eager to educate me on whatever the topic of the week may have been. So, by the fifth or sixth grade when I began to experience sexualized thoughts, I was already fully comfortable and well-versed on the subject. Immediately, I became the go-to guy for sex advice for my friends; a lot of whom were already sexually active and a lot who were trying to become active. It was strange to me because we were all so young, but for some reason being a virgin was a sign of weakness if you were a young male in my community. So, for social survival, I lied about it. I remember that at the onset of puberty was glorious. I grew 5 inches in a year, my voice had gotten deeper, and the other male physiological changes had become apparent to everyone. However, the attention from older females came as a definite surprise. Like every guy, I had always wanted to be a “ladies man” but it was clear that I wasn’t mentally ready. The fact that the first girl to offer me sex approached when I was using the bathroom at her grandmother’s house made things a bit awkward  I was in the seventh grade and she, the tenth. I was in the middle of going when she knocked on the door; I didn’t answer. Two seconds later she forced it open just to see my penis as I used the bathroom. It startled me so bad that I turned, mid-stream, and missed the toilet completely. Urine went everywhere and I smelled like pee for the next 12 hours. At that moment, I realized that even in the midst of sex being thrown at me (every 13 year-old boy’s fantasy), sex had to be worth waiting for; something that my mom always preached.

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