Sexology-oriented activity: Heather

I honestly don’t directly remember when my sexual transition from childhood to adulthood occurred. The knowledge about sex was just kind of present in my life, I don’t remember ever learning about it but I assume my aunt, who had a knack for answering every question I ever asked no matter what the topic, took me to the library and we looked it up and she gave responses to specific questions. I think within the African American community we have come to accept being hyper sexualized with examples through music and media of how sex is so important as a status marker, that it wasn’t odd when I heard stories of sexual acts from my male friends but I never really believed them and more so I never really acknowledged that I would be able to have sex or that I was old enough. The two instances I experienced that probably made me realize I was able to partake in sex was firstly, when I overheard a girl in my class talking about her sexual experience the previous night. I just remember thinking that’s kind of odd we’re only thirteen and secondly, when I heard my mother talking about a fourteen year old who was pregnant. That really signified that I was old enough but it was still odd to me and in my opinion that’s what a transition is. That odd point in life when you are trying to wrap you mind around the fact that you are now able or unable to do something.

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