Sweaty T-Shirt Experiment: Shelby

While a little bit gross, this activity was really fun and really, really fascinating. I understood it so much more than the Disgust Study we did earlier. Upon smelling all of the tee-shirts, I generally caught the scent of vinegar (immediately denoting a BAD smell for me). Only a few times did I find the tee-shirts to not smell at all or even smell good! Maybe this relates to my birth control? I did not expect our surveys to be centered around birth control so it makes me think that my pill plays a large role in how attractive other men are. It would definitely make sense seeing as, upon starting my pill, I lost almost any and all interest in sex or men in general. So, maybe, the pill makes the natural pheromones of men generally smell worse? Another thing I would be interested in seeing would be the effect a relationship makes in the activity. Would being in a relationship (long term) change a woman’s answers? I know whenever I am dating someone that they smell especially good to me, more so than normal. It would be cool to take two women, on the same pill, and compare (if one is in a relationship and the other is not).

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