Sweaty T-Shirt Experiment: Heather

For the first part sweaty T- shirt activity males were given a standard white t-shirt and instructed to sleep in it for two consecutive nights, on one of the nights they were told to do a set of jumping jacks I am assuming to induce a stronger smell. After the two nights they were told to put the shirts in a standard zip lock bag and return it to class. For the second part of the study I was instructed to take a survey asking certain personal questions like how old I was and how many weeks I was in my cycle. I then went to Ro Jo and was directed by Lynn that I should open the different shirts on the table, smell them then rate them as having a positive smell, a negative, or no smell. When I asked why some of shirts had no smell Lynn informed me that during a certain time in a woman’s cycle smells come off differently and to varying intensities. I knew this from personal experience but never really knew that it served an actual purpose, so finding this information out was really cool. None of the shirts smelt overly bad and a few actually smelt good. I am interested to figure out the results of this activity.

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