Sexology-oriented activity: Erica

I also worked the Pink Box Burlesque Voodoo Nights show, which was on March 9 at the Bama Theater. This was the second show at Pink Box Burlesque that I worked. However, this was a brand new experience because this was the first show I worked at the Bama Theater. This meant that, unlike the Green Bar, I was not able to see the performance while it was occurring. However, I was still able to tell exactly what was going on in the acts based on the volume of the audiences’ cheers. For example, when one of the performers was doing a tease each article of clothing removed got a substantial amount of cheers that were “woo” based. However, the loudest cheer came from the audience when the performer removed her skirt and it was revealed that she was wearing a strap on. However, the cheers had more laughs than the earlier, sexualized cheers. This also made it very easy to tell which performers were currently on stage. My favorite example of this is when I had to go to the dressing room to grab something. By the time I returned, I didn’t see who went on, so I didn’t know which act to prepare for next. I started to listen to the band’s music to match it, but before I made that realization, I immediately knew who the performer was based on the audience reaction. I heard high-pitched screams coming from the front row, which was filled by a bachelorette party. I instantly knew the performer was one of the males in the troop who frequently wore a gold speedo and was doing a towel routine. At first I didn’t know how I did that, but upon further reflection, I realized I was basing it on how I would react. Had I not already seen this act in rehearsal, I would be probably be acting very similarly to the women in the bachelorette party. The fact that I could identify the acts based on the types of noises the audiences make was very interesting to me. It shows there is some sort of consensus at least within our own culture on the types of noises that are appropriate to make at certain times, and that are easily identifiable. It was a great show! Once again, I would recommend everybody go to these events. In general, they are incredibly entertaining and give people a lot of insight into human sexuality.

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