Katlyn’s Reaction to the Disgust Study

The disgust study was an interesting experience. Until the end of the study, I really had no idea what the purpose of the study was. First, we were just looking at random furniture, and then we were rating people’s attractiveness. The gross medical condition pictures and the questions about stress level gave me a little hint, but I wasn’t sure what the theory behind the experiment was exactly. My answers probably weren’t very helpful to the study. Even though I can objectively tell if other people are attractive, the survey asked how attracted I was to the person in the picture. To me, those are two different questions. I scored all the women low because even though I could tell if they are considered attractive or not, I was not personally attracted to them. The men in the pictures happened to not really be my type, and so even though other people might be attracted to them, I wasn’t  Also, the study might want to take relationship status into consideration, because people in relationship might be less attracted to other people if they are committed to their partner. Both days we participated in the experiment, my stress levels were pretty high due to schoolwork so rating people’s attractiveness was the last thing on my mind. For all of these reasons, I scored each person pretty low on both showings of the pictures.

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