Heather’s Reaction to the Disgust Study

During the first part of the disgust study we were exposed to neutral stimulus, such as furniture, then asked to rate several males and female of various races based on their attractiveness. We were then asked various questions regarding our mood at the present time. During the second part of the study we were exposed to negative stimulus, such as rashes, infections and pusing limbs .As before we were asked to rate the same individuals on their attractiveness and about our present mood. I thought this was a really interested concept. I kind of thought exposing people to negative stimulus then having them rate someone’s attractiveness would always result in a negative attractiveness. So, I thought it was really interesting when the men, I think, rated the individuals higher after the disgust exposure then the neutral exposure. Maybe because they have a stronger stomach or possibly some evolutionary need to experience something positive after something negative. I don’t really have anything to say about how my experience was, the test wasn’t too long and the pictures for the disgust portion of the study were more than adequate. I was wondering however, how peoples individual view of attractiveness as regarding to different races would play into this study?

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