ALLELE Lecture: Erica

I attended the extra credit lecture on February 29th at 3pm. This was a lecture that was more anthropologically based than the one in the previous night which was more of a general lecture. This lecture had a significant amount of emphasis in tools which can be found in the archaeological record. I thought it was a very interesting perspective that the way people use tools could be as advantageous as it was in evolution, according to Bingham and Souza. In addition, I thought that the fact that Souza and Bingham (One, a molecular biologist and the other a psychologist) worked together was very beneficial to their research. It allowed them to maximize the fecundity of their observations. As fecundity was one of the bases of their lecture, I thought that was very important. One of my favorite aspects of their lecture was the notion that the social sciences will one day be combined. This was very motivating for me. As a double major in history and anthropology and a double minor in evolutionary studies and art history, people have often told me that I am spreading myself too broad within the social sciences and that I should be more specialized. However, Bingham and Souza suggested otherwise. They think that it is dangerous for social scientists to be too specialized and in the future, there will be a general social science that work together to understand the world. I really liked this notion particularly because it is applicable to my own studies. Overall, certain parts of the lecture I found a bit confusing, but in general I found it very interesting and I’m glad that I went!

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