Will’s Reaction to the Disgust Study

The disgust study was where the students individually observed pictures of various males and females posing with a neutral emotion. They were asked to rate how much more or how much less attractive each person was from the previous participant observed. I remember there were a couple of flaws that were not taken into account with the data when we went over the results in class, such as the diversity and different ethnicities that make up our classroom. I found it slightly odd that numerous male participants observed were rated more attractive than the one before by the males in our class rather than the opposite-sex. The females seemed to be less aggressive when deciding the increase or decrease in a subjects attractiveness especially dealing with same sex when compared to the males. I feel like this study should be repeated two times per month since females desire two types of males each month. I believe this will show a drastic change from the first and second study since females will be looking for a masculine male at one point and then desiring a softie and/or good provider on the other side of the month.

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