Sweaty T-Shirt Experiment: Will

Since I am a male I was given a plain white T-shirt in class and told to wear it at least 2 nights then seal it back in its Ziploc bag. While wearing the shirt it had to be on for a minimum of six hours for two nights. If I was going to choose to shower while conducting this experiment. I had to take a shower precisely 1 hour before putting on the T-shirt. Before getting into bed with the shirt I would have to do 30 jumping jacks before going to bed, so that some of my body odor would stick to the shirt. I was not allowed to drink, smoke, wear cologne,body spray, deodorant, eat smelly foods, and zero sex with the shirt on. While doing all of this I also had to measure the length of my fingers for my left and right hands and record the information on a questionnaire online. The females role is to smell the t-shirts to test if she is grossed out by the smell or attracted by the body odor depending on hormone changes. I unfortunately was not able to follow the instructions 100%. The only thing I broke was “no deodorant” because I break out in that area if I do not wear any. Gross, right?

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