Sweaty T-Shirt Experiment: Kimberly

In order to complete this activity I had to smell approximately twenty t-shirts worn by my classmates and determine which shirts had an attractive smell, an unattractive smell or no discernible smell.  I have to admit, I was not looking forward to this activity.  In the end, I was surprised that it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated.  I’m guessing the guys who participated are reasonably responsible (they were the ones who actually completed their part of the activity) and probably shower regularly!  I didn’t think any of the shirts actually had a pleasant smell.  Most were neutral but a few were unpleasant.  It’s possible that the smell of the plastic bags may have interfered with my ability to smell the shirts.  I am assuming we were required to participate in this activity in order to determine the role smell plays in sexual attraction and how a woman’s menstrual cycle affects her choices.  I was very interested to see that when this activity was discussed in “The Science of Sex Appeal,” women found that the shirts worn by males related to them were determined to be the least appealing.  I was also surprised to learn that our immune system is involved in this process.

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