Sweaty T-Shirt Experiment: Brook

Overall, I found the sweaty t-shirt activity to be incredibly interesting. I have learned a great deal in class thus far, and am looking forward to what I will continue to learn regarding sexuality and why/how humans behave in certain ways. Smelling the t-shirts was not even half as unpleasant as I originally thought it was going to be. In my opinion, the majority of the shirts I smelled reminded me of my ex-boyfriend, so it was a very nostalgic activity for me to take part in. Men can have a certain smell that seems to just exude “sex”, or what might make me think of sex. There were a few t-shirts that smelled like what I would assume is what that individual’s house or apartment smells like; very “indoorsy” and clean. There was also one t-shirt in particular that had a horrible stench to it. It smelled sour, almost like the individual had consumed a large amount of liquor before sweating it out profusely all over himself. Besides the one t-shirt that smelled totally foul, I found the rest to have a pleasant odor to them due to the fact that it reminded me of—and not to get too personal—the first person I was truly in love with.

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