Shelby’s Reaction to the Disgust Study

I found the Disgust Study to be very interesting. I found it a lot harder to rate a person as “attractive” if I had just been disgusted. I also had a little bit of trouble with the rating system. The “0-3” system did not resonate with me. I did not know whether to rate an average person as “1” or as a “2”. “2” seemed a little high for average but “1” was a little low. I think it would have been more effective (for at least) if the study had been out of either “5” or “10”. That way I would have had more room to decide whether I found a subject “attractive” or slightly “above average” or “below average”. With such a small scale, there is no wiggle room for feelings. Also, I would have found it easier to rate subjects if the picture was clearer. I find a lot of physical attraction to have to do with skin complexion and hair. With such blurry pictures it is hard to tell if a subject possesses any of these qualities (good or bad). In conclusion, I loved the test. I thought it was brilliant and fun. Even though I have a few criticisms, I think, overall, it was done well.

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