Lauren’s Reaction to the Disgust Study

Upon arriving to class one day we were told to watch the screen as pieces of furniture were displayed and changed periodically. After watching furniture for a minute we were shown pictures of a few different people and told to rate them on attractiveness. I figured that the furniture was shown to us to clear our minds, being an everyday item and not too exciting. When rating the faces I did not find too many people attractive and did not think my thoughts had been influenced by the furniture. A week or so later we were shown disgusting pictures in a slideshow. Knowing that we would be rating faces again, I thought that maybe we were being shown these gross things to make us believe that the people were more attractive than before, as if the normal images would be a relief. With this in mind, when rating the faces I gave quite a few faces a higher rating than the first time. I believe that my misconception influenced my ability to correctly rate the faces as I would normally. I also believe that we were not given a wide enough range of attractiveness. Perhaps if the subjects had not looked so unhappy with a dark background it would have been easier to rate them. The fact that we were only given a week in-between the studies was also an influence on our ability to think clearly. I was able to remember what I had rated each person the first time and it influenced my ratings when we were told to do it again.

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