Kimberly’s Reaction to the Disgust Study

For this activity we were asked to look at photographs of furniture without being told why.  After looking at the furniture, we were shown photographs of several males and females of different races and asked to rate their attractiveness.  A few classes later we were shown photographs of people with disgusting sores and diseases.  Afterward, we were shown the same photographs of the people and asked to again rate their attractiveness.   Previous studies have shown that women are supposed to find people more attractive after being disgusted by the photographs of the sores/diseases.  I believe both males and females in the class rated the subjects higher in the second session with a few exceptions.  I had a difficult time participating in this activity.  Because the age of the subjects in the photographs was appropriate for the typical college student, they were all young enough to be my children!  For this reason, I did not find any of them attractive. For the same reason, my results did not change after being thoroughly disgusted.  I found the results of the class rankings to be very interesting even though I couldn’t tell if I fell into the norm or not.

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