Jessica’s Reaction to the Disgust Study

After completing the disgust study, I found the activity to be very interesting. At first the class was shown pictures of furniture then was asked to rate of variety of faces on a scale from one to ten. A couple weeks later we were shown a variety of disgusting pictures then was asked to rate the same faces on a scale from one to ten. When rating the faces the second time, I did not think I was rating them any different from the first time. However, when started the class discussion I realized that I did rate certain faces higher after being exposed to the disgusting pictures. There were some faces that I rated the same both times. During the discussion it made sense why I did rate some faces higher the second time around. I think that when someone is exposed to a neutral photo (i.e. the furniture) he or she tends to be harsher when rating the face as attractive or not. However, when someone is exposed to a disgusting photo he or she will most likely rate the same face higher because the person seems more attractive after looking at that the disgusting photo. I found this conclusion to extremely accurate in my case. I also learned that females that were on their period during the time we rated the faces were very different from the females who weren’t on their period, which I found to be interesting and I would like to learn more about why that is.

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