Benjamin’s Human Ethology Assignment

2/22/13; arrival at the Jupiter initiated at 10:50pm. Mimosa, a hiphop/dubstepdj is putting on a show tonight. The environment is seemingly dark except for the pulsing light show radiating from the dj’s throne. It’s smoky and I can already see the fog above the crowd in front of the stage. This setting is definitely a place where both guys and gals are looking for someone to bed down with if they haven’t a partner already. There are hipsters, frat guys in t-shirts, girls deceptively portraying a hipster aura in hopes of catching a real hipster guy and vice versa. There are sexy ladies prowling and my focal study would lack its true potential if a hands-on approach wasn’t explored in this setting, therefore I decided to head to the dance floor.

My focal sampling individual is very physically attractive. I’ve danced with her before; however it was some time ago at another dance party. I remember her name, she doesn’t remember mine, however when I call her name and ask her to dance she seems interested despite her lack of memory. She has blonde curls, a tanned even skin tone that doesn’t resemble artificial creation from tanning bed exposure but more so good genetics. She is about 5’6”. I’m not great with evaluating body weight, but she’s got a little meat on her in a good way.  She is wearing a soft silk top with a little of her hips and abdomen showing. She has light teal pants on with some slippers that wrap around her feet. I’d really give it to this one, but I would only be looking for a one night stand if not a future occasional sex partner.  I’m going for a long shot, but I think she wouldn’t mind dancing once again if I showed her enough interest and my funky grooves. I creep near but not too close to her and just dance for a few minutes. I’m probably about 6ft.from her at first, to the left and rear of the direction she is facing which is towards the stage. She is dancing, bumpin’ to the beats. It seems like she has two acquaintances near, but they don’t seem like best girlfriends. She’s drinking a red mixed drink. I have a friend near as well. He is located directly behind her and he expresses interest as well. I’m more confident and better looking than he so I swoop in just like anyone else would. I call her name, “Sam…” no answer, ” Sam!”, she looks at me and I can tell than she doesn’t know my name and doesn’t necessarily recognize my face. I tell her that we’ve danced before and I ask her if she is doing well and if she would like to dance again. She’s receptive and a starts dancing. She gets in front of me and I grab the rear. I try and move to the beats and just be close to her, some individuals would say I was “up on dat ass”. We’ve made a little eye contact, but nothing that was intense enough to make me think there was some real attraction between us. I think she’s sexy (8 or 9 out of 10) and I’m looking fine myself. I have my haired pulled back, I’m wearing a blue and red plaid long sleeve shirt, grey pants, nike dunks, and a fox tail tied to my belt right above my buttocks. She isn’t looking around much, but I still am. She’s smiling and her friends showed intrigued expressions and smiled towards her when they saw me behind her. She’s moving her hips around and I’m right there with them. I get close to her neck sometimes, her hair smells like shampoo of some sort. She’s got soft skin on her hips and back. She lets me touch her a little bit, I’m not opposed, but I don’t get close to her breasts or vagina. She just kind of sways and jumps to the beats and I do the same. My friend is gone now, poor fellow. I ask her what she’s drinking, she just hands it to me. I smell the cup then take a sip. This girl has some glitter on her, but it doesn’t look like a whole lot (little did I know I would be covered in glitter afterwards).  In between one of the later songs, she abruptly turns to the right and walks towards the back. By this point her acquaintances have been gone. I see her once more on the way out of the door. I say” cya Sam” and she smiles and waves in return.I danced with her for about 45minutes to an hour. Attention getting, recognition, talk, touch, and body synchronization were all observed within 15 minutes.

Scan sampling

Three groups: Dancing people, Smokers in the back, people standing and looking around.

First observation The dancing people are doing just that, dancing. Many of them seem to be doing this with friends and not people they have met there. Occasionally, I will see a first time meeting between a guy and girl, resulting in dancing. A drunk guy starts dancing with a group of sorority hipster poser girls and a girl wearing a sports bra with tassels puts her hand in his face and gives this “ nooooo” and pushes him along. A girl begins dancing with me, she starts backing me up into this hand railing, I’m immobilized yet my vantage point is awesome because I’m within and looking onto the dancing group. The smokers in the back are all looking forward past the dancing group. They are kind of lightly dancing and making short conversation with their friends and then returning to lightly dancing and looking past the crowd. The standing people are in the corners of the back of the room towards the entrance. Not a whole lot of talking going on. Just standing and looking. Some don’t look like they are having a good time, they seem plainly dressed.

Second observation. The dancing group is hot and sweaty. It’s super foggy and almost musky overhead. The dancing girl that chose me is getting real slow and into it. She’s giving the vibe that she wants it bad. The group of girls has dispersed, but they remain near each other. The smokers in the back have moved around a little bit,but it looks relatively the same. Still lightly dancing, I don’t see a lot of dancing between the sexes in the smoking group, but it isn’t nonexistent. The people standing looking around in the corner are doing what they do best. Some have left; some have gone into the crowd. It seems like this is kind of an occasional resting spot for dancers. There is a little head bobbing going on.

Third observation. Dancers are now loosing endurance but are still going strong. There is some smoking going on. I smell some herb, but see only cigarettes. Most of the meeting and greeting has happened by now, if you were going to find someone to dance with, it has most likely already happened.  People have settled into their rhythms. There is a lot of touching going on. The smokers have dispersed and there are only a few left in the back. They look as though they are having an ok time just chilling and lightly dancing there. The people standing and looking around have dispersed as well and there seem to be fewer in numbers. The individuals still hanging around look lonely.

Author: Johnna Dominguez

Johnna Dominguez earned her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Cultural Studies and Body Politics from the University of Alabama's New College in May 2011. In her senior thesis, Johnna explored the embodiment of identity through sexuality and sports by observing and studying Alabama football fans and participants in the local burlesque troupe, the Pink Box Burlesque. In her Master's thesis, she is investigating the psychological and physical stresses associated with southern women who get tattoos. After completing her Master's in Anthropology, she hopes to return to school for a Master's in Public Health.

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