Danyon’s Human Ethology Assignment

My observation took place at Jupiter on the strip. My first observation was a male who appeared to be 21 due to his wristband and consumption of alcohol. He talked very loudly and used vulgar language towards the group he was with. It seemed as if he wanted to prove how “cool” he was. He would frequently look up to the television and talk about the sports highlight, which he knew nothing about.

In my first group observation I observed a group of 4 guys talking amongst themselves. They didn’t have much to talk about with each other and would constantly talk to the DJ. Shortly after, one of the guys headed towards the exits and they all followed.

Next I observed two groups of people sitting down at the tables in the middle of the floor. At both tables it appeared to be a mix of underage and 21 years old, but in my eyes they all seemed a bit drunk. They didn’t seem to enthused by the bar scene, which only had around 30 people total. Members of the first group would constantly look at their phones, while the other group did the same and stared around.

My last observation was a group of guys and a girl who slowly moved their way towards where I sectioned myself off. One of the guys appears to be flirting with the girl, but she is showing no interest whatsoever. They also mention something about a swap, which leads me to believe they are Greek. Like other groups, not very engaged in the overall bar environment.

Author: Johnna Dominguez

Johnna Dominguez earned her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Cultural Studies and Body Politics from the University of Alabama's New College in May 2011. In her senior thesis, Johnna explored the embodiment of identity through sexuality and sports by observing and studying Alabama football fans and participants in the local burlesque troupe, the Pink Box Burlesque. In her Master's thesis, she is investigating the psychological and physical stresses associated with southern women who get tattoos. After completing her Master's in Anthropology, she hopes to return to school for a Master's in Public Health.

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