Caitlin’s Human Ethology Assignment

Test 1: Young man in the red shirt

Subject is in class and is attentive.  Takes notes and seems to be listening to what the teacher is saying.  He is wearing a hat, which he takes off to scratch his head/fix his hair frequently. It is almost like a tick. He sniffles. This could mean he is sick or maybe getting over a sickness. His bouncing knee tells me he is restless. My best guess to explain his restlessness is that he cannot wait for this class to end. It is pretty early, so I don’t blame him.  He yawns and takes a big sip of black coffee which seems to wake him up enough to take another 2 lines of notes.

Test 2: Group of people on the Blue Bus, total of 6 participants

Everyone looks tired like they didn’t get enough sleep the night before.  All but one person is on their cell phone scrolling through facebook or texting.  Nobody I text would be awake this early.  There is no verbal conversation between group members.  A female participant mouths the words to the song she is listening to through her earbuds.  First stop, no participants exit, but some new people get on.  One of the new passengers (female) takes the only available seat next to a male participant.  Male smiles at female and she returns the gesture, but quickly begins to text/play on her phone.  Male seems unwilling to start a conversation.  Other participants are keeping to themselves.  One female is staring out the window listening to her headphones.  Another female participant is reading that day’s issue of the Crimson White.  Two Male participants are on their cell phones.  Last two participants are hugging their backpacks and look at their phones frequently.  Perhaps they are looking at the time to see if they will make it to class without being tardy.  Second stop, one female participant exits. One male participant gives his seat to a female who just boarded the bus.  They exchange smiles, a “thank you so much,” and a “you’re welcome.”  There was no further conversation.

Benjamin’s Human Ethology Assignment

2/22/13; arrival at the Jupiter initiated at 10:50pm. Mimosa, a hiphop/dubstepdj is putting on a show tonight. The environment is seemingly dark except for the pulsing light show radiating from the dj’s throne. It’s smoky and I can already see the fog above the crowd in front of the stage. This setting is definitely a place where both guys and gals are looking for someone to bed down with if they haven’t a partner already. There are hipsters, frat guys in t-shirts, girls deceptively portraying a hipster aura in hopes of catching a real hipster guy and vice versa. There are sexy ladies prowling and my focal study would lack its true potential if a hands-on approach wasn’t explored in this setting, therefore I decided to head to the dance floor.

My focal sampling individual is very physically attractive. I’ve danced with her before; however it was some time ago at another dance party. I remember her name, she doesn’t remember mine, however when I call her name and ask her to dance she seems interested despite her lack of memory. She has blonde curls, a tanned even skin tone that doesn’t resemble artificial creation from tanning bed exposure but more so good genetics. She is about 5’6”. I’m not great with evaluating body weight, but she’s got a little meat on her in a good way.  She is wearing a soft silk top with a little of her hips and abdomen showing. She has light teal pants on with some slippers that wrap around her feet. I’d really give it to this one, but I would only be looking for a one night stand if not a future occasional sex partner.  I’m going for a long shot, but I think she wouldn’t mind dancing once again if I showed her enough interest and my funky grooves. I creep near but not too close to her and just dance for a few minutes. I’m probably about 6ft.from her at first, to the left and rear of the direction she is facing which is towards the stage. She is dancing, bumpin’ to the beats. It seems like she has two acquaintances near, but they don’t seem like best girlfriends. She’s drinking a red mixed drink. I have a friend near as well. He is located directly behind her and he expresses interest as well. I’m more confident and better looking than he so I swoop in just like anyone else would. I call her name, “Sam…” no answer, ” Sam!”, she looks at me and I can tell than she doesn’t know my name and doesn’t necessarily recognize my face. I tell her that we’ve danced before and I ask her if she is doing well and if she would like to dance again. She’s receptive and a starts dancing. She gets in front of me and I grab the rear. I try and move to the beats and just be close to her, some individuals would say I was “up on dat ass”. We’ve made a little eye contact, but nothing that was intense enough to make me think there was some real attraction between us. I think she’s sexy (8 or 9 out of 10) and I’m looking fine myself. I have my haired pulled back, I’m wearing a blue and red plaid long sleeve shirt, grey pants, nike dunks, and a fox tail tied to my belt right above my buttocks. She isn’t looking around much, but I still am. She’s smiling and her friends showed intrigued expressions and smiled towards her when they saw me behind her. She’s moving her hips around and I’m right there with them. I get close to her neck sometimes, her hair smells like shampoo of some sort. She’s got soft skin on her hips and back. She lets me touch her a little bit, I’m not opposed, but I don’t get close to her breasts or vagina. She just kind of sways and jumps to the beats and I do the same. My friend is gone now, poor fellow. I ask her what she’s drinking, she just hands it to me. I smell the cup then take a sip. This girl has some glitter on her, but it doesn’t look like a whole lot (little did I know I would be covered in glitter afterwards).  In between one of the later songs, she abruptly turns to the right and walks towards the back. By this point her acquaintances have been gone. I see her once more on the way out of the door. I say” cya Sam” and she smiles and waves in return.I danced with her for about 45minutes to an hour. Attention getting, recognition, talk, touch, and body synchronization were all observed within 15 minutes.

Scan sampling

Three groups: Dancing people, Smokers in the back, people standing and looking around.

First observation The dancing people are doing just that, dancing. Many of them seem to be doing this with friends and not people they have met there. Occasionally, I will see a first time meeting between a guy and girl, resulting in dancing. A drunk guy starts dancing with a group of sorority hipster poser girls and a girl wearing a sports bra with tassels puts her hand in his face and gives this “ nooooo” and pushes him along. A girl begins dancing with me, she starts backing me up into this hand railing, I’m immobilized yet my vantage point is awesome because I’m within and looking onto the dancing group. The smokers in the back are all looking forward past the dancing group. They are kind of lightly dancing and making short conversation with their friends and then returning to lightly dancing and looking past the crowd. The standing people are in the corners of the back of the room towards the entrance. Not a whole lot of talking going on. Just standing and looking. Some don’t look like they are having a good time, they seem plainly dressed.

Second observation. The dancing group is hot and sweaty. It’s super foggy and almost musky overhead. The dancing girl that chose me is getting real slow and into it. She’s giving the vibe that she wants it bad. The group of girls has dispersed, but they remain near each other. The smokers in the back have moved around a little bit,but it looks relatively the same. Still lightly dancing, I don’t see a lot of dancing between the sexes in the smoking group, but it isn’t nonexistent. The people standing looking around in the corner are doing what they do best. Some have left; some have gone into the crowd. It seems like this is kind of an occasional resting spot for dancers. There is a little head bobbing going on.

Third observation. Dancers are now loosing endurance but are still going strong. There is some smoking going on. I smell some herb, but see only cigarettes. Most of the meeting and greeting has happened by now, if you were going to find someone to dance with, it has most likely already happened.  People have settled into their rhythms. There is a lot of touching going on. The smokers have dispersed and there are only a few left in the back. They look as though they are having an ok time just chilling and lightly dancing there. The people standing and looking around have dispersed as well and there seem to be fewer in numbers. The individuals still hanging around look lonely.

Danny’s Human Ethology Assignment

Location: Black Market Bar & Grill, Birmingham

Day: Saturday 23rd 2013

Time: approximately 6:30 p.m.

Started assignment

Environment overview:

When I walked into the bar, mysight diminished somewhat. The lights were dim, not near pitch dark, but enough to blend color shades together. The whole place was relatively small andthe bar table layout formed a reverse “L” while the rest of the room contoured to the same shape. Multi-colored lights hung right above the bar setting, illumining the chairs under it. A couple of T.V sets played either sports related shows or The Big Bang Theory. Under the televisionswere the refrigerators that held all the alcohol. Booths were position along the wall with tables adjacent to them, all going further deeper into the room.I had sat down with my older sister, who accompanied me, at the booth closet to the door. Sitting down Iobserved all the B movie memorable posters and art that lined the walls.Adding to the décor, the table tops had pages from comic books lacquered to it. Metal type music played constantly, emitting most of the sound in the bar on the account only one other group was present at that time. The people who were there before us occupied the back most booth. Two were males and the other two female. Both sets dressed in casual clothing.

Started Focal Sample

Time: 7:17 p.m.

More people had entered the bar, mostly middle aged adult couples, but also a few younger single adults. One man in particular, somewhere in his 20’s, sat alone near the back. He had short shaggy hair and a dark colored shirt. His posture was sluggish: back hunched, head hung low, and an overall sullen sense. Every so often he would sip from his beer and look around. His attention turned occasionally to new people coming in. In a sudden action the gloomy guy tries to get the bar tenders attention. Once the bar tender took notice, itlooked as if he wanted to order something else. The bar tender looks in the frigid containing alcoholand talks back to gloomy guy who reaches in his pocket for what I assume is his wallet. They talk back and forth for a few seconds and then he puts what he had back in his pocket. After looking around for another second he gets up and briskly walks to the front of the bar to my left. He says something towards one of the bar tenders who was busy getting a drink for someone else. I could not tell if he had got an answer because more people had sat at the bar and kept the two bar tenders quite busy. Once done speaking, the gloomy guy walked straight out the door, leaving his beer behind. He did not come back.

End Focal Sample – Assignment ended prematurely due to observed individual leaving

Time: 7:21 p.m.

Total Time Observed: 4 minutes

Started Scan Sample

Interval 1

Time: 7:24 p.m.

During this time the place had begun to get busy. Fiddling with her smart phone,a blonde haired woman in about her 30’s sat alone at the back of the bar table. Three girls in their early 20’s occupied the booth right in front of me and my sister. Two young males looking at the menu sat at the middle positioned table across from the booth with the group of girls. Directly parallel to us and sitting at the tables was a middle aged couple.

Interval 2

Time: 7:29 p.m.

A new guy pulls a seat next to the smart phone lady. Both begin to talk to each other frequently. The middle aged couple next to me talked very little, both retained no apparent livelihood at all. Everyone around the bar continues to talk as more people enter. The place is more crowed.

Interval 3

Time: 7:31 p.m.

I easily spotted an enthusiastic individual who sat at the corner front of the bar table. He had thick curly, dark hair and wore a jacket. Apparently he was either happy at the sports game on the TV. or just jolly from conversation he was having with the bar tender. At one point he pumped both his arms up and down. Smart phone lady had become closer to the new guy who recently acquainted her. In addition, he had his smart phone out while engaging in conversation with her. He would also playfully mess with her. She responded to his actions with smiles and laughter. Another middle aged guy wrapped his arm around a woman of about the same age.

Interval 4

Time: 7:36 p.m.

The enthusiastic guy hive fives the bar tender and talks to a man with a red baseball cap on who sits next to him. A middle aged couple joins the other couple at the table right beside me and everyone there seem to lively up some with the additional company. Smart phone lady continues happy conversation with the same guy.

End Assignment

Time 7:39 p.m.


The right setting to see most “pick-ups” was not optimal during this time. It was still too early as a higher influx of people came when I left. Most who came into Black Market were middle aged couples and young adults groups. There were a few singles that mixed in with rest. Unfortunately my focal individual left before he initiated the first step in the “five-part pickup”. More promising was the smart phone lady and hermale friend. While only observed during the scan sample, those two individuals demonstrated courting signals the most. At the moment the guy first approached the women with the smart phone he gestured towards her as he pulled out a chair. I was able to observe four out of five elements in human ethology assignment.

Step One: Attention getting was achieved by the guy when he approached.

Step Two: Recognition was receivedby the woman. Both made eye contact.

Step Three: Talk was sustained during most of the time.

Step Four: Touching was definitely seen throughout the observation by the guy. (playfully poking and touching)

While I did not stay longer, there was still a potential for the smart phone lady and the guy to have achieved the last step, total body synchrony. Fifteen minutes was enough to observe at least 4 steps and with a greater length of time maybe even step five. Only once did my observer take any notice of me and look in my direction (smart phone lady), but nothing caused her to have any intense suspicion. Better observation skills might be: finding different vantage points, making better notes of what people are wearing, keeping track of observed people in my notes, and concentration on the subtle cues of courtships.

Rebekah’s Human Ethology Assignment

So, on Wednesday night around 9:30, I went to the Alcove on 22nd Avenue. The place looks like a hole in the wall from the outside. Inside it is dark with lots of mirrors and has cool vibes. It’s kind of a hipster place. It didn’t seem too much of the college place to go, although I saw some college age kids (actually saw a guy from one of my classes), but there were older people there as well. I think it’s a local place, and perhaps a well-kept secret from the frat boys. Anyways, my focal point was a man who looked to be in his late twenties. He was wearing a black hat with a black collared shirt; his name was engraved on the shirt so I’m thinking he is a car mechanic or something like that. He was wearing dark jeans. He was standing behind a woman and another man who were both sitting at the bar. He kept laughing and smiling at the woman’s stories. He looked a little younger and better looking than her. He talked really loudly. The other guy wasn’t talking as much, but they appeared to all be friends or know each other. He wouldn’t stop talking loudly and I could hear some of his words slur. He drank out of a mason jar and the drink was dark yellow, so I assumed it was beer. He went to the bathroom at the eight-minute mark. As he came back from the bathroom, I saw him glance at other women, checking them out, on his way back to the bar. He walked past the woman and the man, giving them a nod, and went to the other end of the bar by the door. He put on his jacket and started to talk to an older man and two women. The older man left. He sat down with the women and leaned in to talk to the brunette. He took a long drink of his beer, and then ordered another one. I think he is a regular by the way he talked to the bartender and seemed to know a good number of people in the bar. He kept talking to the woman and her friend. It’s only 10pm though, but maybe he’ll take one of them home.

That concludes my focal point. When I first observed the bar, there were two groups of people sitting in booths, one is a bunch of girls, and another is a mix of boys and girls. They all were laughing and looked to be having fun. The bar had multiple groups around it, most of them just consisting of twos and threes. Behind me, I heard two English men talking and laughing. I liked their accents. The mood was happy. At five minutes, there were a few more people crowded around the bar, ordering drinks. The booths had emptied some, a few of those girl went outside. BREAKING NEWS—I noticed the guy I was observing get up and leave with the brunette girl! Success. For him, I guess. At the ten-minute mark, I saw that the booths have filled up again. Some guys sat down at the girl booths and had brought over drinks. The bar looks the same. The two English guys were still talking, having a good time. Well, by the fifteen-minute mark, my friends and I had decided to move to the other room. Probably shouldn’t have done this, but this room was pretty interesting. There was an Irish band playing. A woman on a flute, a guitarist, violinist, and some other instrument I didn’t recognize. Two women were river dancing. It was entertaining. Apparently, it’s Irish river dancing every third Wednesday at the Alcove. There was an older crowd in here—a group of older men, probably in their fifties, and an old couple, probably in their seventies, who later get up to dance. They were so cute.

That’s about all I got. I think 15 minutes was sufficient time for me to witness the five stages. The man got the brunette’s attention, recognition, talked to her, leaned in close. However, it did take some extra time before I saw them leave together. I was pretty surprised at that. But I have a feeling a lot of people at the Alcove are regulars, and so that might not have been the first time the man and the brunette had met.

Candace’s Human Ethology Assignment

Location: Hooters

Date: Feb. 18, 2013

Environment: Typical Hooters restaurant

Focal Sampling Notes

  • Young man wearing grey hoodie and camo hat.
  • Drinking bud light platinum
  • Watching basketball game on the television on the wall
  • Talking to young Hooters girl
  • Seemed uninterested and responded to the things he had to say with boredom

Scan Sampling

  • Older men watching athletic, blonde Hooters girl. She did not appear to be his waitress and ignored him whenever he spoke to her.


With the focal sampling, I saw very little. I observed the boy speaking to the girl. He appeared to be interested in her and also disheartened by her lack of interest. She mostly sat there, just shaking her head in boredom whenever he spoke. She also twirled her hair around her fingers like she was anxious. All in all, the sample yielded few results.

The scan sampling was much more productive. The group sat in the back of the restaurant. It included an older man who appeared very interested in a young, athletic looking, blonde Hooters girl who was waitressing at some tables nearby. She was however, not the waitress for the table that the group was sitting at. I noticed that every time that the girl would walk by, the man would attempt to speak to her. Rather than approach his table to see what he wanted, the girl would walk right past him on her way to one of her own tables. She would barely even acknowledge his existence. The man was persistent in his efforts to get the girl to approach his table, but she showed no interest whatsoever during the time that I was observing them. During this time the other men at the table were giggling and talking in lower voices. I was unable to hear what they were saying, but it seemed to me that they were goading him on in his pursuit of the blonde girl. I found this all very interesting because the girl behaved in a much different manner with the people whose waitress she actually was. With them, she was talkative and appeared interested. It seemed to me that the difference in behavior had something to do with the fact that she would actually make money off of her own tables, whereas the man’s money would go to the waitress assigned to his table. The girl was exchanging a show of interest for monetary gain.

Kelsey’s Human Ethology Assignment

Observing from a table while eating.

Environment:It’s a restaurant/bar with dim-moderate lighting, college student atmosphere, slightly busy and noisy; There were many people who seem associated with a fraternity. It is more difficult to distinguish which “type” girls were because most are dressed up (more so than your typical school day).The restaurant had a lively vibe. There are TVs playing sports.

Focal Sample: Female, with four other girls at table near bar. She was drinking. Her table received a beer pitcher. She talks to her friends and she actually seems to be dominating the conversation. In the first five minutes of the sample she gets up from the table two times. The first time was to go to the bathroom. When she came out I observed her pulling down on her dress. The dress was short and black with regular sleeves and a rather low neckline. She also had on heels. She arched her back provocatively when she walked and sat. Once she got back to her table she talks with her friends some more, this time she is glancing around the restaurant more. She is smiling at what her friends are saying. She continuously looks over to the bar. She notices two guys at the bar and hops up for the second time to go talk to them. She seems to only know one of the guys.  She greets him, they act like friends. The second guy that she doesn’t seem to know just stared at her while she talked to guy #1. She actually stands for about 6 min talking. She seems to be wearing out her welcome on guy # 1 but guy #2 still looks at her as though intrigued. She seemed to be trying to flirt with the first guy and by doing this she got the attention of the second guy. She returned to the table because her food was there. She stayed there the remaining time. Throughout she exhibited receptive behaviors like staring and playful gestures and even by dominating the conversation at her table.

Scan sampling:

Trial One: The majority of the people are sitting at tables ordering food and eating. A good amount of tables are also drinking. There is a couple at the bar. The guy is texting while the girl is looking around the room observing and letting herself get distracted by the workers at the bar. The guy #1 from the focal sample appears to have had a girlfriend show up. There is a large party table with many fraternity members and a few girls. This group got noisy at this time. At another table, girls walk by and recognize a girl that is seated and eating. The girl gets up and hugs each friend and all act over-excited. At this time most of the workers seem busy at work or gazing alone behind the bar.

Trial 2:  The couple that was seated at the bar left. They didn’t spend much more time there but to eat. The large noisy table gets increasingly louder. It seemed that they were done eating but were going to stay a while and drink and socialize. A lot of tables are doing this currently. A new group of girls dressed in small dresses and heels obviously drunk if you were observing and hugging on some of the boys in the large noisy group. There is a group of guys who appear to be in their mid-twenties have ordered beer bottles at a table and for the most part talk about the sports and watch them on the TVs. They cheer at appropriate times for their teams. They have an attractive waitress and they pay good attention to her when she takes their order and seem like they are polite.

Trial Three: The girl and her group of friends from the focal sample are now standing up to leave. The girl walked over to the guys at the bar she previously spoke to and also greeted guy #1’s girlfriend and said goodbye. Her friends walk out of the restaurant without her. A couple of older men are now seated at a table near the bar drinking beers, they scan the room occasionally. There is a family with a mom, dad, college student, and younger child eating and chatting. Most of the older groups keep to themselves while the college students socialize from table to table. There are several tables with people who are in business casual clothes eating and chatting at tables, perhaps a business party. 

Trial Four: The restaurant is getting less busy at this time.  Both children from the family mentioned in trial three get up and go find the bathroom. During this time I observed the parents to see if behavior changed. The woman laid her head on her husband’s  shoulder  for a moment and they shared a quick kiss. The older men mentioned in trial three seeming to be teasing their waitress (also an attractive waitress). They laugh loud at their own jokes that make her slightly flustered. The large noisy group is no longer loud or noisy. It has died down but there are few girls and guys who seem to be planning what to do next.

Analysis: There were examples of attention-getting, recognition, talk, and touchingin the scan andfocal sampling observations. The only full body sync may be observed in the married couple.There was also a lot of gazing observed for example in the focal sample when guy # two stares at the focal sample. And the girl in the couple at the bar who gazed around the room, seemingly bored with her phone-absorbed boyfriend.

-Some attention-getting behavior includes the old men poking fun at the waitress,the focal sample girl saying goodbye to a guy who has a girlfriend to possibly try to get the attention of the second guy, the men cheering for their respective sports teams, the intoxicated girls’ provocative outfits and girls acting over-excited to have run into each other.

-There was recognition between the focal sample girl and the guys, particularly the second guy who looked at her for a long amount of time. There was also recognition between husband and wife who met eyes before kissing. It also appeared with the intoxicated girls and the guys in the large noisy group.

-Talk was happening constantly with many of the groups in most trials.

-Touch happened mostly in the form of greeting hugs but was also observed between husband and wife kissing and laying heads on shoulders and also in the focal sample when the girl was flirting with guy number one in the form of playful hitting and shoving.

These stages were observed pretty well WITHIN the given observation times by different people at different times. And the range of relationships observed added variety to the examples of these stages of human mating behavior.

Michael’s Human Ethology Assignment

For my observation I chose the bar known as the Grey Lady, the day just turned out to be Valentine’s Day. Me and my girlfriend sat at the end of the bar and watched the single people go about their business. The focal sampling I decided to observe turned out to be just a guy alone at a bar on Valentine’s Day.  I noticed him almost immediately once I had made myself comfortable,  for starters he was wearing a dark blue button up shirt, so I could  not tell if he was meeting someone or just wanted to look acceptable. After about ten minutes it was apparent that he was not meeting anyone, it was also apparent that he was not the happiest person that day, he consumed 5 mixed drinks within the 15 minutes that I watched him. Also he checked his phone for the first ten minutes, but I did not see him check it during the last five minutes. At first I thought he was talking to himself, but later discovered that he had a “hands-free” Bluetooth device. Once the time was up, I stopped watching him but I had a creeping suspicion that he was going to be there a while longer.

For the group observation I decided to stay at the Grey Lady and watch a group of men, (oddly enough there was a lack of females in the bar) they were all in their late twenties or early thirties. All of the men were drinking beers not mixed drinks, they had been at the bar since before my girlfriend and I had sat down. The “leader” of the group looked to be the most attractive and mature of the men, he was also the one who was making the most noise, cheering (to being single I am assuming) and what not. At the beginning of the allotted time period the people were sullen and concentrated on their drinking, but later they were all loud and boisterous, which was odd because they had only consumed about 2 beers a piece in the entire observation time. Although there were only a few females in the bar, the group did not even try to interact with the girls, and furthermore the television was off and the only conclusion I could come to was that they were actually spending some quality “bro” time together.

Kimberly’s Human Ethology Assignment

Site:    Hogan’s Irish Pub, 507 Cahaba Heights Circle, Birmingham, AL

Date/Time:  Saturday, February 16, 2010   9:25 p.m.

Environment: Crowded, loud and dimly lit.  Large bar & dance floor, live band

Crowd:  Older adults – average age around 60

Focal Sample:

Subject:    Male, mid-30s, sitting at main bar. Casually dressed, sitting back in bar stool looking relaxed

  • Drinking beer
  • Checking phone/texting
  • Watching women walk by, ignoring men
  • Eyes moving constantly – scanning room
  • Talks to friends but keeps seat between them empty
  • Keeps his eyes on women walking by while talking to friends
  • Orders another beer
  • Checks phone
  • Goes out for a cigarette
  • Comes back in – eyes still scanning constantly
  • Says hello to me as he walks back in (busted!)
  • Sits back in seat and drinks beer
  • Checks phone/texts
  • Small smile at woman who walks by
  • After about 12 minutes of watching this guy check out every woman in the place, a woman (about 60 years old) walks over and asks if she can sit in the seat next to him.
  • He smiles (big smile) and pulls the chair out for her
  • He orders her a drink
  • They talk to each other as they drink.  She turns her bar stool around to look at the dance floor and he does the same.

Scan Sampling:

Three main groups observed:

A.  Three men standing near dance floor

B.  Four older women sitting at the bar – facing dance floor – not bar

C.  Three guys sitting at the bar talking to each other

Scan 1:

A.  Standing, talking loudly, large gestures, drinking beer.  Dressed to impress the ladies

B.  Sitting in barstools, talking to each other and several people who pass by.  Big hair, big makeup, one was wearing a full length mink (no kidding!)

C.  Sitting in bar stools checking out the crowd but not looking at anything in particular, laughing but not in loud or obvious way. Dressed in jeans &t shirts.

Scan 2:

  1. A fourth man has joined the group.  He is as large and loud as the others.  He appears to be telling a story.  Other men are looking at him and around the room as he talks.
  2. Women are still facing the dance floor – talking to each other.  One is on the dance floor.
  3. Watching the basketball game

Scan 3:

  1. Men have moved closer to women at bar.  They aren’t talking to the women but there is eye contact. They are still laughing and talking loudly.

B.        Women are talking to several new people who have arrived

C.        Still watching basketball and talking amongst themselves

Scan 4:

A&B.   Men are now mixed in with women and the new arrivals.

C.        Talking to me and laughing about their friend from the focal sampling who is still hanging out with the older woman.


I chose this bar because it is known to be a pickup place for older people.  I thought it would be interesting to see the differences in what others observed with younger crowds and my observations with an older crowd. At 9:00 things were kind of slow.  I wasn’t even sure my first focal sampling subject would work out, but by 9:30 I had seen four of the five stages of courtship.  (I went longer because he went outside to smoke.)  It was difficult to do the observation at first because my focal subject caught me watching him more than once.  I finally had to position myself so I could pretend to watch basketball while watching him in a mirror.  By then he had already attempted to talk to me twice.  By the end of the scan sampling we were in the middle of the third group I was observing.   A little distance might have been good; however, we were in the middle of a bar on Saturday night at 10:00 so there wasn’t a lot of space.

Danyon’s Human Ethology Assignment

My observation took place at Jupiter on the strip. My first observation was a male who appeared to be 21 due to his wristband and consumption of alcohol. He talked very loudly and used vulgar language towards the group he was with. It seemed as if he wanted to prove how “cool” he was. He would frequently look up to the television and talk about the sports highlight, which he knew nothing about.

In my first group observation I observed a group of 4 guys talking amongst themselves. They didn’t have much to talk about with each other and would constantly talk to the DJ. Shortly after, one of the guys headed towards the exits and they all followed.

Next I observed two groups of people sitting down at the tables in the middle of the floor. At both tables it appeared to be a mix of underage and 21 years old, but in my eyes they all seemed a bit drunk. They didn’t seem to enthused by the bar scene, which only had around 30 people total. Members of the first group would constantly look at their phones, while the other group did the same and stared around.

My last observation was a group of guys and a girl who slowly moved their way towards where I sectioned myself off. One of the guys appears to be flirting with the girl, but she is showing no interest whatsoever. They also mention something about a swap, which leads me to believe they are Greek. Like other groups, not very engaged in the overall bar environment.

Brook’s Human Ethology Assignment

Arrival: 2/9/13, approx. 10 p.m., the Alcove bar

Environment: cramped, loud (but not boisterous), and dimly lit

People: mostly college students/20-somethings, also some older Tuscaloosa “locals”

1.) Focal Sampling Notes

  • Female, early 20’s, more than likely is a student
  • Heavily drinking PBR—finished one, proceeded to order two more in the 15 minute period
  • Initially, was talking to an older male (40-something) but he hugged her and walked off. After that, she sat alone, drinking
  • Didn’t smile, looked very uncomfortable
  • Posture was slouched over, legs stayed crossed
  • Had big hair and lots of make-up, wore an oversized sweatshirt and Victoria’s Secret leggings
  • Did not seem receptive to being picked up but did scan the room looking around, made awkward eye-contact with me twice

2.) Scan Sampling

  • People are socializing, mainly in groups but some individuals have broken away into what appears to be more intimate conversations
  • Most of the groups that remained ended up leaving/going outside
  • Individuals engaged in the more private, one-on-one conversations remained talking, in the same seats/standing positions


With the focal sampling subject, I was able to observe the stages of recognition, talk, and touch. The subject and the man she was conversing with did share contact (touching hands, arms, back) and from the view minutes I was able to observe of them mid-conversation, they seemed very engaged in one another. When the man suddenly hugged the subject and walked off, she almost instantly seemed to be very insecure and self-conscious of everything going on around her. She was looking around at everyone near the bar where she was seated, and did not seem to hold any sort of eye contact. Her limbs were positioned towards her body (crossed legs and arms) and she just seemed very uncomfortable, almost embarrassed. I think 15 minutes was plenty of time for the focal sampling. She seemed comfortable and confident when someone was paying attention to her, and once they were not she seemed to immediately be flooded with self-consciousness.

With the scan sampling subjects, I had a bit of trouble. I believe that 15 minutes may have not been enough time to fully observe and record any meaningful behavior patterns. From what I did observe, however, all five stages were seen. Groups were getting the attention of other individuals, they all were showing recognition to another person(s), they were talking and touching (hugs, friendly gestures), and certain groups did share some sort of body synchrony, but this was mainly seen once individuals separated away from groups into intimate conversations. It was difficult at certain points to observe these subjects because 1.) There was a large number of people in a small area, and 2.) Writing observations down would sometimes take my attention away from what I was looking for.

If I were to do these observations again, I would allow half an hour for the focal sampling, and a full hour for the scan sampling. I think this would be plenty of time to fully observe and record the five stages.