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Anthropology of Sex

This course is an introduction to human sexuality from a four-field perspective (cultural, biological, linguistic, and archaeological) with emphases on sexual pluralism and psychosexual evolution.  We will trace the evolution of human sociosexual behavior, including human sexual physiology; reproductive strategies; contemporary courtship, mating, and marital patterns; gender differences in the brain and behavior; and sexual and social emotions.  We compare the sexuality of humans to non-humans, especially to that of other primates.  We also discuss human sexuality from the perspective of different cultures throughout the world based on ethnographic and archaeological accounts.  Among the topics we may discuss are the psychobiocultural dimensions and implications of attraction, fidelity, sex techniques, circumcision, gender, incest, auto-eroticism, homosexuality and transsexuality, and sexually transmitted diseases.

On the sidebar to the right you’ll find pages that explain some of our class activities. All of our posts are student responses to those activities and these are assigned the activity title as their category name and are given additional tags to help with easy navagation. We hope you enjoy!

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