one professor and three young women; the women are holding plaques
Left to right: Undergraduate Director Cameron Lacquement, Ashley Daugherty holding Hughes Prize plaque and Taylor Lawhon and Amanda Oldani holding Smith Award plaques at Undergraduate Honors Day 4-8-16.

C. Earle Smith, Jr. Memorial Award

Established in 1987 by his friends and colleagues, this award honors the memory of C. Earle “Smitty” Smith, former professor and chairperson of the department. The Smith Award is given each year to the anthropology major who graduates with the highest overall grade point average.

Smith Award Winners

      1987-88 David W. Forrest
      1988-89 Jonathan Mark Clayton
      1989-90 Timothy W. Clark
      1990-91 Jennifer E. McGehee
      1991-92 Ashley E. Saxon
      1993-94 Kristi E. Taft
      1994-95 Julie G. Markin
      1994-95 Robert P. Dilley
      1995-96 Joseph D. Sharp, Jr.
      1996-97 Naomi Owaki
      1998-99 Jennifer Stamp Pugh
      1999-00 Emily Carol Bates
      2000 -01 Jeremy Fuller Blair
      2000-01 Shannon D. Koerner
      2001-02 Ashley C. Armstrong
      2002-03 Jeffrey M. Brown
      2003-04 Caroline F. Bolz
      2004-05 Amy E. Hewitt
      2005-06 Karen P. Wyatt
      2005-06 Matthew J. Mirarchi
      2006-07 Megan A. Batchelor
      2007-08 Stephanie M. Cantu
      2008-2009 Rachel E. Cunningham and Rebecca A. Diehl
      2009-2010 Daniel Turner
      2010-2011 Carly James and Kayla Lisenby
      2011-2012 Kimberly Roy and Elizabeth Wilson
      2012-2013 Lauren Marsh
      2013-2014 Maryanne Mobley and Meghan Steel
      2014-2015 Melinda Carr and Jessica Mays

UA’s Undergraduate Research/Creative Activity Competitions

      2009 Rachel E. Cunningham (Second Place, Poster Presentations)

Hughes Prize Winners

2011-2012 Ted Clay Nelson
2012-2013 Maura Stephens
2013-2014 Katie Moss
2014-2015 Taylor Lawhon

Krause Award Winners

2007-2008 Amanda Regnier
2008-2009 Sarah Szurek and Cameron Lacquement
2009-2010 Katy Grove
2010-2011 Jera Davis
2011-2012 Henri-Francios Dengah
2012-2013 Daniel A. LaDu
2013-2014 Erik S. Porth
2014-2015 Paul N. Eubanks

Bob Work Award

1994 Scott Meeks
1995 David Morgan
1996 Robin Beck
1997 Robin Beck and Virgil “Duke” Beasley
1998 Virgil “Duke” Beasley
2000 Keith Little
2001 Brad Lieb
2002 Jennifer Myer
2003 Amanda Regnier
2004 Laura Brown Wood
2005 Ashley Dumas
2006 Cameron Lacquement
2007 Casey Barrier
2008 Erin Phillips
2009 Erin Phillips
2010 Daniel LaDu
2011 Jeremy Davis
2014 Paul Eubanks

Maxwell Scholarship Recipients

2014-2015 Max Stein
2015-2016 Greg Batchelder

DeJarnette Scholarship Recipients

1994-1995 Hyla Lacefield
1995-1996 Robyn Astin
1996-1997 Kevin Schatte
1997-1998 Judith Giles
1998-1999 Matthew D. Gage
1999-2000 Scott Hammerstedt
2000-2001 Amanda Regnier
2001-2002 Jennifer Myer
2002-2003 Steve Barry
2003-2004 Cameron Lacquement
2004-2005 Pamela Johnson
2005-2006 Cameron Lacquement
2006-2007 Claire Nanfro
2007-2008 Jeremy Davis
2008-2009 Erin Phillips
2009-2010 Claire Thompson
2010-2011 Erin Phillips
2011-2012 Eric Porth
2012-2013 Petrina Kelly
2013-2014 Rachel Briggs and Ted Clay Nelson
2014-2015 Paul Eubanks and Kareen Hawsey
2015-2016 Lynn Funkhouser and Jessica Kowalski

Excellence in Research by a Masters Student, College of Arts and Sciences


Matthew Gage, Ground Penetrating Radar and Core Sampling at the Moundville Site
Faculty Advisory: Dr. Jim Knight


Ashley Dumas, Archaeology of the Original Tobasco™ Factory, Avery Island, Louisiana
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ian Brown


Jennifer Myer, Among the Fields: Mississippian Settlement Patterns in the Black Warrior Valley
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jim Knight


Christine Newkirk, Social Class and Food Knowledge in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bill Dressler

Excellence in Research by a Masters Student, University of Alabama

Outstanding Dissertation Award, College of Arts and Sciences

Outstanding Dissertation Award, University of Alabama

Outstanding Thesis Award, College of Arts and Sciences

Outstanding Thesis Award, University of Alabama