John H. Blitz, Professor

25-D ten Hoor Hall | (205) 348-4074 |

  • Theoretical: Anthropological archaeology, origins of rank, class, and complex societies, sociopolitical differentiation and integration, political economy of households and communities, material correlates of social memory and collective identity, technological change
  • Methodological: regional and site settlement analysis, pottery chronology and function, analysis of monumental architecture
  • Regional and Temporal: U.S. Southeast, especially Mississippian and Woodland periods (Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia), Maya Lowlands (Belize)

Ian W. Brown, Professor

416 Mary Harmon Bryant Hall | (205) 348-9758 |

  • Southeastern U. S. archaeology
  • Museum anthropology
  • Archaeological material culture
  • Native American prehistory and ethnohistory
  • The role of salt in world history and prehistory
  • Historical archaeology
  • Historic cemeteries and gravestone studies

Cameron Lacquement, Assistant Teaching Professor

24-C ten Hoor Hall | (205) 348-1961 |

  • Southeastern archaeology
  • Monumental and domestic architecture
  • Moundville

Claire Thompson, Instructor

ten Hoor Hall | (205) 454-4954 |

  • Southeastern archaeology with a focus on Woodland and Mississippian cultures
  • Origins and development of complex societies
  • Political economy
  • Hierarchy, heterarchy
  • Lithic and ceramic technology
  • Zooarchaeological analyses.