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Francois Dengah

I am a medical anthropologist interested in the relationship between cultural consonance and indicators of psycho-physiological stress. My research is with Brazilian Pentecostals, examining how religion (as a cultural system) shapes coping resources and communal expectations which contribute to both salubrious and deleterious health outcomes.
I also conduct research on computer gamers who play massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs). Specifically, I examine how players negotiate the cultural demands placed on them by virtual communities and the "real world," and how such involvement can lead to differential psychological health outcomes.

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Contact Dr. Dengah at: hdengah@crimson.ua.edu
Office: 25A ten Hoor Hall
Phone: 205-348-9062

Selected Publications


Dengah II, H.J.F. The Contract with God: Patterns of Cultural Consensus across Two Brazilian Religious Communities. Journal of Anthropological Research, 69(3).


Snodgrass, J.G., H.J.F. Dengah II, M.J. Lacy, and J. Fagan. An Anthropological View of ‘‘Motivation’’ Models of Problematic MMO Play: Achievement, Social, and Immersion Factors in the Context of Culture. Transcultural Psychiatry, 50(2):235-262.


Dengah II, H.J.F. Using Cultural Consonance to Understand the Religion-Health Connection among Brazilian Evangelicals. Anthropology News, 53(8).


Snodgrass, J.G., H.J.F. Dengah II, M.J. Lacy, J. Fagan, D. Most, M. Blank, L. Howard, C. Kershner, G. Krambeer, A. Leavitt-Reynolds, A. Reynolds, J. Vyvial-Larson, J. Whaley, and B. Wintersteen. Restorative Magical Adventure or Warcrack?: Motivated MMO Play and the Pleasures and Perils of Online Experience. Games and Culture, 7(1):3-28.