Any student who because of a disability may need special arrangements or accommodations to meet the requirements of graduate study must present documentation of the disability to the Office for Disability Services (348-4285). This office will prepare letters to the Director of Graduate Studies that indicate the accommodation to which the student is entitled. It is the student’s responsibility to present the accommodation letter to the Director of Graduate Studies. Questions or concerns about special arrangements or accommodations should be directed to the Office for Disability Services and/or the Office of the Assistant Dean in the Graduate School.

Appropriate comportment befitting graduate students at a major research university is expected. This includes appropriate participation in seminars and seminar attendance, attendance at relevant departmental meetings and departmental colloquia. Additionally, at some point nearly all members of the graduate program will be employed by the university as GTAs. Appropriate comportment in and out of the classroom in the teaching role is expected, in keeping with university regulations. Violation of any of these expectations represents grounds for disciplinary action.