Jessica  Kowalski


Research Interests

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology from the University of Mississippi in 2006 and a Master of Arts degree in anthropology from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2009.  My thesis research involved the analysis of an Early Mississippian ceramic assemblage from the Winterville Mounds (22WS500), a large Mississippian mound center just north of Greenville, Mississippi.
Following graduate school, I worked for the Gulf Coast office of Coastal Environments, Incorporated, as a field archaeologist and project manager on projects in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  In 2011, I joined the Environmental/Historic Preservation staff at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Mississippi Recovery Office as an archaeologist. 

I am a third year student in the doctoral program at the University of Alabama.  My research interests include the archaeology of the Lower Mississippi Valley (LMV) and the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coasts, political organization during the Mississippian period, and the manufacture, distribution, and use of Native American Indian pottery. As part of my dissertation research, I hope to explore political organization among selected mound centers in the Southern Yazoo Basin of the LMV with a special focus on the multi-mound center of Arcola.  My major advisor is Dr. John Blitz.