Hannah  Smith


Research Interests

I am a master’s student with a focus in Biocultural Medical Anthropology. My current research project, which I work on with Dr. Kathryn Oths, focuses on how dramatic cultural, environmental, social, and economic changes in Chugurpama, a northern Andean hamlet in Peru, affects the health of individuals. In particular, we have examined how varying exposure to high altitude hypoxia due to these dynamic conditions have resulted in changes in weight and height of children.

My future research interests will likely be focused on understanding the reasons behind certain biomedical practices especially within maternal and infant care, and how these practices affect health of individuals in western and non-western areas. I plan to begin medical school in the fall of 2018. After hopefully completing my medical degree, I aspire to work within the biomedical field and breech the distance between the research put forth by medical anthropologists and medical practitioners. The ultimate goal would be to not only practice medicine in a more culturally relative manner, but to present anthropological research from the perspective of a practicing physician.