Cayla  Colclasure


Research Interests

I earned a BA in anthropology from the University of Tennessee in 2017. I am a first-year MA student at the University of Alabama working with Dr. Elliot Blair. My thesis research focuses on invertebrate remains from Guale communities on St. Catherine’s Island, Georgia, during the period of interaction with the Mission de Santa Catalina de Guale. I am analyzing the invertebrate faunal assemblages from several contemporaneous Guale communities on the island, which will be juxtaposed in order to understand the various implications of these differences and how they may reflect upon these communities’ relationships with the mission. These invertebrate faunal assemblages will also be compared to Mississippian samples from St. Catherine’s to observe the changes in shellfish collection and consumption throughout time, and assess the impact of the mission economy on traditional subsistence practices.