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Stress and Diet in European Adolescents

If being in college has taught me anything about food, it’s that stress-eating is a painfully real thing. I was so proud in April of my freshman year that I had successfully avoided the freshman fifteen. And then dead week and finals happened.

When I found  European adolescents’ level of perceived stress is inversely related to their diet
quality: the Healthy Lifestyle in Europe by Nutrition in Adolescence study, my first thought was, “Duh.” However, this study has some pretty interesting methodology and specific results.

For one, this study has every single variable ever. Gender, amount of sleep, parental education, pubertal stage, BMI, and level of physical activity were all variables that were controlled for or not controlled for in certain situations, allowing for more specific results than just, “stress eating is a thing”. Hierarchical Linear Models (HLMs) were used for this.

The study found that in adolescents, higher levels of stress were correlated with more food that are less healthy. In women, their food choices were also less diverse.