Being Welcomed to Alabama’s Anthropology Department

The University of Alabama’s Department of Anthropology has an incredible tradition to welcome new students and create comradery within the department. Each year they host a Potlatch, which involves food, booze, and the passing of tokens from advisor to student, professor to professor, and friend to friend. My personal advisor bestowed upon me a book entitled “How to Write”! (Still not sure if it was meant to be inspirational, or if he was hinting that my writing needs improvement.) That night I bonded with my cohort and got to know the faculty on a more personal basis.

During the Potlatch I had the pleasure of meeting the new professors, including Dr. Blair and Dr. Pritzker. I bonded with both of them over living in California (and got valuable advice from Dr. Pritzker about avoiding Downtown). I learned that Dr. Murphy studied in southern California as well! We were able to lament over missing Mexican food and surfing.

Dr. Brown was kind enough to sit down with me the first week of school. While I saw him in the halls many times during undergrad, I was too shy to ever introduce myself. I regret this now that I’ve spoken to him because he is so eloquent and supportive. I have encountered Dr. Blair and Dr. LeCount many times taking their afternoon walk across the quad. They are always smiling and upbeat, which brightens my day.

I was lucky enough to study at Bama for undergrad as well, so I was introduced to the majority of the faculty in classes, Allele lectures, and department events. Dr. Lynn, Dr. DeCaro, Dr. Jacobi, and Dr. Weaver inspired me to go apply to graduate school. Without their support and inspiration, I likely would not be here. (Without them I likely would never have eaten crickets or pork belly, either. Full disclosure – I would be perfectly okay with that.)

I look forward to the next two years in grad school, due to the amazing professors I will learn from.

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  1. I read it last year & liked it so much I thought it worth gifting copies to my students. Helped me a lot.

  2. Fascinating, very well written. You are such a great author. I really enjoy read your post! Have a great year in Alabama 🙂

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