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Primates on the Loose at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Sounds like a lame excuse to post photos of my kids, doesn’t it? Yeah, well, only partially. In fact, here’s one to get us started. But what I really wanted to post was a few that involve depictions of non-human … Continue reading

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Bornean Orangutan

Order: Primates Family: Hominidae Subfamily: Ponginae Genus: Pongo Species: P. pygmaeus The Bornean orangutan is one of three subspecies of orangutan and can only be found in Southeast Asia on the island of Borneo. Growing up to 5’ tall, these … Continue reading

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Order: Primates Family: Hylobatidae Genus: Symphalangus Species: S. syndactylus   Symphalangus syndactylus, also known as the siamang, is the largest of the many species of gibbons. Both male and female siamangs have black hair and grey or pink throat sacs. They can range in height from … Continue reading

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