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Tufted Capuchins

Cebus apella of the Cebidae family is better known as the tufted capuchin.  The tufted capuchin is a New World primate located in South America.  Tufted capuchins spend most of their time within the mid-canopy of rain-forests; however they do … Continue reading

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The Philippine Tarsier

This cute little guy is a Philippine tarsier (Carlito syrichta). He is often called “the world’s smallest monkey,” but this is not fully accurate. The problem isn’t one of size, but of classification. Different scientists classify the tarsiers either as … Continue reading

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What Do Bamboo Lemurs Eat?

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Pygmy Slow Loris

This Pygmy Slow Loris is named Otti-ly, the daughter of Basil and Pumpkin. She was born Feb. 5, 2010 in the Minnesota Zoological Garden. She is kept in a dimly lit display environment at her current location in the Philadelphia … Continue reading

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