Assignment 4

Nutritional Assessment

Due by the start of class on February 11

Using the data you collected in class on February 4, you are to write up a nutritional assessment of two of your classmates. 

          First, complete the calculation of the anthropometric indices on the back of the measurement form, and write up a brief report for each student of his/her % ideal weight, BMI and BMI status, muscle circumference, percent body fat (both estimates), and Waist/Hip ratio.

          Next, enter the dietary data from the 24-hour recall questionnaire for each student into the nutritional analysis program provided by the University of Illinois, NAT 2.0, to give you the nutritional composition of his/her intake.  This site won't have all of the foods in the form you have recorded, so you must make a series of judgments about what food from the list to substitute for the food from the questionnaire.  That is part of the error involved in nutritional analysis.

          After you have completed these analyses, provide a table with the total nutrient intake (copy and paste the table from the web site) for each student, and discuss the meaning of the dietary intake and anthropometric indices for the nutritional status/nutritional health of the student.

           E-mail the nutritional assessment to the student you measured and a copy of it to me.  Finally, write a brief, one-page essay telling your subjects and me what you learned about nutritional assessment.