Assignment 3

Due by the start of class on February 4

Locate six references from refereed journals for your paper.  Compose your outline for your research paper along the lines shown in our rules for writing research papers, and critique each of your articles as shown by our graduate students.  Include your list of references in the correct format and show where you think you will use these sources in your outline. 

Here are some graded examples of papers--You need to look at these to see what I'm looking for:

Sample Paper 1

Sample Paper 2

Sample Paper 3

Here are some instructions for critiquing the articles:

  1. Are the purposes of the research clearly delineated?  The purpose can be clearly stated without being in the form of an hypothesis.

  2. Are the techniques used clearly described.  Do you think that if you were sufficiently familiar with the subject area you could reconstruct the study from the author’s description of how the research was conducted.

  3. Are the techniques appropriate to fulfill the purpose of the study?  Assess this to the best of your familiarity with the subject area.

  4. Are the results clearly presented and do they include all of the information that you need to judge for yourself whether or not the purpose of the research has been fulfilled?  Think here especially about confounding factors and variables the author does not discuss that you think could significantly have influenced the outcome.

  5. Are limitations of the research clearly considered and appropriately included in summary statements about the research?

  6. Are the conclusions the author draws from the results the only possible explanation or are there alternative explanations that have not been sufficiently considered by the researcher?

E-mail this to me before class on Monday, February 4.